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HP 6600
Hammer Packaging enters Digital Printing Market

We are pleased to announce that we now offer digital narrow web solutions for your label needs. Our new HP Indigo WS 6600 ILP (in-line priming) Digital Press... READ MORE

shrink sleeves for bottles
Are You a Beverage Manufacturer? Here are Three Advantages of Using Shrink Sleeves for Bottles

When choosing a package for your product, you have plenty of choices. Each packaging option, whether they're simple food packaging labels or customized in mold... READ MORE

in mold labeling process
American Meat Institute Sour After Federal Court Ruling Over Meat Packaging

How do you know exactly what you're going to buy when you go to the store? Do you make your purchases based on brands? Do you only buy products that come in... READ MORE

 shrink sleeve label
Get Your Product to Fly Off the Shelves with These Unique Commercial Labels

If you're a manufacturer, you know that selling an item isn't only about developing a great product. It's also dependent on having the right packaging to make... READ MORE

Hammer Shrink Sleeve Label is a hit with kids.

New line of zero-calorie beverages aimed at kids takes full advantage of Disney-licensed graphics, which spring to life thanks to special PETg label material and VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) from Hammer Packaging.

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custom product labels
The Advantages of Using Shrink Sleeve Labels

A product is only as good as its advertising. For any company, without adequate marketing and promotion, there is no way for the mass public to know exactly what... READ MORE

An In-Depth Look at Shrink Sleeve Wet Opacity

Hammer recently had a customer (Cheribundi) approach us with a "wet opacity" issue they were experiencing with their shrink sleeve label after it was applied (... READ MORE

Chef Boyardee
Get it while it's hot...or cold!

HammerSHIELD foam substrate is excellent for microwavable products and hot/cold thermal protection. READ MORE

Cover Package Printing Magazine, November 2014
100 and Counting

Hammer Packaging enters its second century in package printing firmly grounded using strategic reinvestment and a culture of quality. Full speed ahead! READ MORE

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