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Hammer helps launch StackTek Xo, G Brand!

After widely recognized television personality and journalist Giuliana Rancic discovered a wine package called StackTek, she launched an all new, cutting-edge... READ MORE

cut and stack labels
CNBC Kicks Off Annual Contest For The Most Loved Beer Label

CNBC announced its annual contest for America's most loved beer label. Consumers will rate cut and stack labels based solely on their art and aesthetic appeal. READ MORE

commercial labeling
Choosing the Right Label for Your Products

Commercial labeling is an important part of manufacturing. Custom product labels are what draw consumers to a particular product, and have an enormous impact on the... READ MORE

heat shrink sleeve
Honey, I Shrunk the Labels!

When offering a new product to consumers, one of the most important things a company needs to consider is packaging. When surveyed, approximately 76% of small... READ MORE

A Holiday Greeting from Hammer Packaging

Wishing you Happy Holidays from all of us here at Hammer Packaging. We offer our sincere thanks for your support. READ MORE

heat shrink sleeves
Choosing the Right Packaging Label For Your Products

Many people see packaging labels as simply a way to tell the difference between the wide variety of products out there. While this is an essential function of these... READ MORE

 shrink sleeve label
How Shrink Sleeve Labels Set Products Apart From the Competition

Custom product labels play a critical role in the marketing of a product, and there is greater demand for commercial labels today than there has... READ MORE

cut and stack labels
Why Cut and Stack Labels Are an Ideal Choice for Your Business

Often, the only way someone recognizes a brand is through its packaging. Just think about your weekly grocery shopping trip. How easily could you tell two brands of... READ MORE

commercial labels
Ever Wonder How In Mold Labels Are Made? Here's How

As small and seemingly simple as they can be, labels play a crucial role in the marketing and branding of products. Studies have shown that upon receiving an item... READ MORE

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