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Hammer Packaging featured on Good Day Rochester

13WHAM ABC News featured Hammer Packaging on Good Day Rochester READ MORE

Video: Collating for Label Intrigue

We can build cut... READ MORE

New Video: A Seamless Shrink Sleeve Process

Nellie Kim from Hammer's technical team walks us through the full process for developing one of the most complex packaging decorations - shrink sleeves. This is... READ MORE

Let’s Chill with HammerSHIELD

As the summer months begin the thermometer rises by the day. That also means there is an increase in the desire for cold beverages and snacks that send a shiver... READ MORE

Cheers to Change

Beverage labels are no longer just for product details and consumer education. They are canvases just waiting for a creative takeover. At Hammer Packaging, we... READ MORE

Ink with a Function

How specialized ink can tell you when food has been safely processed

If you work in the food industry, the risk of contaminated food is a major concern. At Hammer Packaging, our role in High Pressure Processing (HPP) seeks to eliminate contaminated or spoiled food exposure before the product enters the marketplace.


Hammer Packaging and Karma Water on Good Day Rochester

13WHAM ABC News produced a feature segment on Karma Wellness Water in their Good Day Rochester morning show program. READ MORE

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Hot Stamping 101

What it is and how it works

What is hot stamping?

Hot stamping creates a precise application of foil with a dimensional feel on the paper. It utilizes a die on our stamping machine mounted above the flexo press. The die or “stamp” is heated so as the sheet of foil runs through, the pressure from the stamp fixes the foil to the paper surface.

Hammer Packaging uses the 10-color 17” P7 Mark Andy flexo press for all of its hot stamping needs.


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Picking your Packaging

What packaging is right for your product?

At Hammer Packaging, we are committed to helping customers and products grow “from startup to success”, with engineering solutions to take your project to the next level. A vital part is determining the right packaging for your product and the impact it will have on the shelf.


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