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Get it while it’s hot...or cold! Foam Labels

HammerSHIELD™ is an oriented polystyrene foam substrate domestically sourced and available solely from Hammer Packaging. This shrink foam is most often used on microwaveable packaging to protect consumers from excessive heat when handling the container. It is also used on cold products for its insulative properties.

Key applications:

  • Microwavable products
  • Hot/cold thermal protection
  • 360-degree branding
  • Conforms to shapes
  • Light barrier tint (for beverages)


HammerSHIELD™ foam labels are printed using our state-of-the-art VSOP and Flexo presses, and combines a smooth surface and offset printing to provide superior graphics. Its thickness ranges from 5 to 11 mil, offering a range of thermal protection properties.

Foam Labels

Why print Roll-Fed labels with Hammer using VSOP technology?

  • No cost for plates
  • Plates imaged in minutes
  • Flexibility in label design changes
  • UV & EB inks and coatings
  • In-line lamination
  • Combination printing


HammerSHIELD™ can also be printed Flexo using state-of-the-art Nilpeter technology we achieve dramatic color, outstanding print quality, and sharp registration.

Premium finishing options include:

Back-side printing and in-line lamination.

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