The growing trend of flexible packaging.

Products are making the move from rigid packaging to flexible packaging and pouches in a global trend spanning almost every industry. The shift is thanks to the evolution of a more eco-friendly, space saving, and cost saving packaging option that provides a longer shelf life and  just as much flexibility for packaging designers as it does for the product inside.

Hammer Packaging is uniquely positioned in the flexible packaging market to offer unmatched options to fit almost any need:

  • Three press technologies that cover a wide range of sizes:
         Digital: Up to 12.4"
         Flexo: Up to 19"
         Offset: Up to 32.5"
  • We can print any material that fits your solution
  • We can accommodate any closure or fitment that meets your need
  • Award winning print quality
  • No plate charges for offset printing! 

Fitment Insertion Capability:

Hammer Packaging has on-site, state-of-the-art fitment insertion equipment for liquid pouch manufacturing. Top center spout or corner spout, Hammer has the capability to fulfill almost any liquid pouch request within our facility.

We are SQF certified for direct-food contact. We utilize low-migration, food safe inks. We're ready to take on your next project!



Key benefits of flexible packaging:

  • Lightweight, easy to open, carry, and store
  • Better for the environment, uses less energy, and less consumer waste
  • Great shelf appeal and enables visibility of contents
  • Custom vapor and oxygen barrier properties for superior protection


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