The Trusted Prepress Pros

Hammer’s in-house prepress department is 100% digital!

Our highly skilled prepress professionals ensure that your graphics files are properly built and optimized for success. We will help you develop effective digital workflows to meet your specific needs, from remote proofing and file transfers to full digital direct-to-plate technology. We also help to make transferring your graphics files very simple.

Download Electronic Prepress Department Specifications

Prepress technician

Digital 3D Renderings

Summer's Eve 3D Model

For our Shrink Sleeve customers we offer a value-added service of Digital 3D Renderings that allow you to preview the graphics on your container with 360 degree rotation.

Digital 3D Renderings:

  • Help you visualize your container in the finished Shrink Sleeve label
  • Allow you to evaluate the design before going to production allowing you to make changes or improvements if necessary

G7 Master ColorSpace Printer

Why print with Hammer?

This distinction means that Hammer uses the most advanced technology, techniques, proofing, press controls, and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print. This color-matching process eliminates inherent variability across proof to press and different presses. Read more about how this significant certification impacts our customers and why you should always look for a Master Printer.

A Case for G7 Printing in Packaging

Visit IDEAlliance for More Information on G7

Qualification as a G7 Master ColorSpace Printer is one more way Hammer Packaging demonstrates that it is committed to "lead, not follow" the packaging printing industry through innovation.


Hammer Prism
  • 7-color expanded gamut
  • Eliminate PMS colors, reduce cost
  • Enhance process work

Today’s brand owners are interested in an ever increasing number of graphic variants in their packaging. They face the challenge of being limited by the cost prohibitive approach of utilizing many spot colors in their labels to achieve their desired design. The average print job today contains 7, 8 or even 9 colors all made up of entirely different spot colors.

To address this challenge, HammerPRISM™ allows us to reproduce most spot colors with extreme accuracy with a standard set of 7 expanded gamut colors. This allows us to pass on the following benefits to our customers:


  • Flexible layouts for better yields and cost advantages
  • Enhanced process images by adding new colors
  • The option to convert PMS colors to expanded gamut for cost savings


Platemaking Graphic

We use state-of-the-art digital platemaking equipment to produce quality plates—fast. We never charge for offset plates and they are made in minutes.

This allows for:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Design changes during a press OK—you can see the change running on press in just minutes
  • Versioning around the cylinder—easy to print variable messaging for promotions, contests or general marketing messages