Digital Packaging Printing Solutions

For over 100 years, Hammer has provided unmatched innovation and expert solutions to meet our customers’ label printing needs. Today, with the addition of the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press, Hammer is even more equipped to handle your concept-to-market projects more efficiently and effectively than ever before, with the same stunning images you can expect from Hammer Packaging.

HP Indigo WS6800

  • 100% digital computer-to-press process
  • Results in faster speed-to-market and flexibility for you by eliminating time consuming conventional requirements such as plate making, plate mounting and make-ready
  • Offers complete variable data—ability to print different images or text on every label
  • Ideal for short run promotional items
  • Cost effective and fast

Our Digital Process



Come to Hammer with your label printing challenge, and we will develop a customized solution to meet your unique needs. The experts at Hammer are some of the most skilled in the industry.



Our team will review your files, manage the colors, and process the images to be printed. They will make sure your label is perfect before using the state-of-the-art printer to get your order printed and sent out.



Digital offers complete variable data—ability to print different images or text on every label.



From coatings, stamping and embossing to cutting and seaming, Hammer offers the innovative finishing options to ensure your label is an eye-popping success.

“Digital printing can also accept inserted, pre-printed rolls from both Hammer’s web offset and UV flexo formats. Combining technologies can be very efficient for higher volume packaging concepts.”

Efficiency Matters

Hammer’s digital printing solutions provide cost effective and quick results with outstanding quality, color consistency and accuracy. The computer-to-press process allows for ongoing flexibility and reduces waste.

The Hammer Shrink Can

  • Full-body Label
  • Contour-Fitting
  • 360-degree Branding
Shrink Can
Foam Can

Digital Printing Capabilities

Printing digitally does not mean sacrificing options when it comes to labels. At Hammer Packaging, you can get digital prints on virtually any label choice.

The Hammer Foam Can

  • Patented polystyrene foam substrate, HammerShield™
  • Temperature Protection Technology - keeps the products cooler longer
  • Thickness options provide a wide range of thermal protection for both hot and cold products
  • 360-degree branding
Foam Can

Digital 3D Rendering

For our Shrink Sleeve customers, we offer a value-added service of Digital 3D Renderings that allow you to preview the graphics on your container with 360-degree rotation.

  • Help you visualize your container in the finished Shrink Sleeve label
  • Gives you the ability to evaluate the design before going to production, allowing you to make changes or improvements if necessary

“The opportunities that digital printing presents are endless. Whether you are launching or testing a new product, or introducing a new promotion, digital printing offers the versatility, flexibility and value to make it possible.”

Want to Learn More?

If you think that digital printing is right for your brand, contact us today! One of our experts will get in touch with you to discuss your label printing needs.