Purex Household

Give your household product a stand out look.

Household Packaging Labels

A compelling and innovative appearance is key to catching consumers’ attention in the crowded household products market. Hammer uses the industry’s most advanced technology and premium printing and finishing techniques to differentiate your product and ensure its a standout on the shelf.

Shrink Sleeve is the ideal label solution for household products.

Because of its water-resistant, durable properties, the use of Shrink Sleeve labels has expanded tremendously in recent years–especially in the household product market.

Considering a shrink sleeve label for your household product?

Contact us today and learn more about our 3D rendering capabilities and sample making with STEAMBOX PRO™

So many shapes and sizes and we have a standout label type for each!


The household product market is full of complex containers, like trigger bottles and consumer-friendly shapes. Trust Hammer Packaging with all of your most unique label designs.

We specialize in Offset, Web Offset, and Flexo printing. We’ll customize the substrate, printing process and finishing techniques to your needs.