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Karma Culture

Karma Culture

Karma Wellness Water is an innovative functional beverage that was designed to “transform water into wellness” by storing vitamins separately in the cap to keep them fresh until released into water at the time of use.  The driving force behind Karma is the fact that vitamins deteriorate in water, causing premixed vitamin drinks to lose their strength and nutritional value over time.

When Karma Culture wanted to stand out in the highly competitive nutrient-enhanced bottled water market, they chose Hammer Packaging for their labels because of our innovative approach to packaging printing.

Communicating the Karma Brand

Karma Wellness Water features a square bottle, a patented Karma Cap, and 5 flavor varieties.  In order to maximize shelf impact, Karma wanted a shrink sleeve label, which provides 360 degree coverage and increased distinctiveness.  To support their brand message of "Transforming water into wellness", Karma desired a clean, fresh appearance on the shelf.

To create high self-impact for Karma, Hammer used its unique Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) technology, which provides exceptional sharpness of graphics and tonal gradations on a clear substrate.  This technology also provides Karma cost savings and efficiencies due to the ability to combination print multiple varieties in a single print run, as well as, zero cost for plates.  In addition, plates are custom made in just minutes providing Karma with packaging flexibility should they decide to make graphic changes or run limited time promotions.

In order to mitigate any shrink sleeve application challenges, Hammer created a specialized die-line which enabled the precise placement of graphics during the printing process and application.  Furthermore, to ensure successful application, Hammer worked closely with Karma throughout the design and application process.

It's All About the Cap - A Unique Challenge, with a Custom Solutionkarma

The other unique packaging challenge with Karma Wellness Water was its proprietary KarmaCap.  KarmaCap technology features a hermetic seal between the cap and base, as well as providing UV protection to the vitamins contained within the cap.  In order to protect the cap for the consumer until the water is ready to be consumed, Karma needed a pull-tab pressure sensitive label on top.

Drawing upon its knowledge regarding adhesives and substrates, and as a result of many experiments, Hammer was able to identify the ideal solution for the KarmaCap.  Utilizing the Delam/Relam process on their flexographic press, in combination with adding an adhesive deadener, Hammer was successful in designing the pull-tab pressure sensitive label that Karma needed for its patented KarmaCap.

Combined, the unique attributes of the package and the innovative label printing solution provides Karma with a strong and memorable brand image and shelf presence!




Case Studies