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Bai Bubble

Bai Bubbles, launched in 2014, is a carbonated beverage that blends antioxidants from coffee fruit with exotic fruit flavors and natural sweeteners. Each 11.5 ounce can contains only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar. The inspiration for the product stems from Bai Brands recognizing that the market is moving away from artificial ingredients. Their original product, Bai5, addressed this issue in the enhanced water market, but there was no solution in the carbonated market which provided an opportunity for Bai Bubbles.


When Bai Brands launched Bai Bubbles, they wanted a premium and innovative package that would stand out to consumers on the shelf. They also wanted it to be a natural extension of their current product line which meant keeping the brand look consistent. Therefore, it was critical that the package have the same matte feel and glossy images as their current Bai5 product. After initial testing, they were unable to achieve this with pre-printed cans so they turned to Hammer Packaging to discuss a potential solution using labels.


The solution turned out to be using Shrink Sleeve labels on the Bai Bubbles cans. To achieve the same premium, matte/spot gloss look as the Bai5 label, Hammer used our unique Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) technology. Not only was Hammer able to achieve the brand look Bai wanted, but we were able to offer them all the advantages of VSOP technology including: no plate costs, high quality graphics with exceptional sharpness of detail, and combination printing. In addition, plates are custom made for each print job which provides flexibility in design and makes it simple and cost effective to run limited time promotions.

We worked with Bai to provide streamlined support from development through to commercialization with an extremely quick turnaround. After initial discussions, we were able to onboard the Bai Bubbles project quickly so the product could be launched in just 3 months. Bai was in need of production samples right away so initial samples were printed on the VSOP within weeks. Once the product was approved and ready to move forward, we started production on all 7 SKUs – Bolivia Black Cherry, Peru Pineapple, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Waikiki Coconut, Jamaica Blood Orange, Indonesia Nashi Pear and Guatemala Guava.

Combined, the unique attributes of the package and the innovative label printing solution provides Bai with a strong and memorable brand image and shelf presence. The collaboration between Bai and Hammer resulted in a successful launch of a brand new product in just a few short months.

Case Studies