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Understanding wine and spirit label trends you’ll see on shelves this summer

The summer season means the busy season for beverage label printers. The relaxed haze of warm sunsets and weekends spent out of the house pair perfectly with wine and spirit flavors. Beverage labels are no longer just for product details and consumer education. They are canvases just waiting for a creative takeover. At Hammer Packaging, we specialize in the innovative technology that are expanding label potential.

Wine label design is leading the way for creative change that offers cost effective and beneficial solutions. Here are the label trends happening now:

Wine Labels

Creates a sense of product luxury and premier status. The technique adds texture to the label and draws consumers in by intriguing their tactile senses.


This is the instant cue that you are looking at a high end product. High image resolution and clear text with defined edges produce striking details. In addition, the metallic sheen accents the simple designs typically used. Reproduce your intricate details with our hot stamping capabilities or cover your canvas in cold foil.

Screen Printing

Make your colors pop with screen printing on our flexo press. Screen printing techniques bring colors to life with unmatched vibrancy and accuracy. Achieve the “no label look” with screen printing on your clear pressure sensitive label.

Shrink Wrap

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing option, consider a shrink sleeve for your can or bottle. Providing 360 degrees of label real estate this method allows for the neck and the body of wine and spirit bottles to be covered. Plus, with no restrictions on the number of colors, this label style is great for telling the product story.

Fine Finishes

Lamination and varnishes create glossy and matte top coats that enhance the label while protecting it as well. A finish can be applied generously to the whole label or can be used for spot applications and detailing.

Looking beyond application to style:

Back to basics

There is appeal in the untraditional, uncoated stock that provides a rustic look that stands out from the traditional metallic and glossy labels that crowd shelves. This style works great for attracting an everyday consumer looking to try something different.

Don’t be square

With die cut technology as well as other advancements, there is expanded potential for unique label shapes that fit logos perfectly without having unnecessary blank space.

Know the lifestyle

Creating a design that highlights not only the people who like the product but what those people like to do creates a connection for the consumer that promotes engagement. Think about how this design will complement the consumers’ pastimes and hobbies.

Hammer Packaging is at the intersection of innovation and style when it comes to wine and spirit labels. Call today to learn more about our diverse range of offerings or to schedule an appointment to plan your next print job.

Recent Press Releases

Recent News & Updates