What is G7 Master Colorspace?

G7 is an internationally recognized color calibration methodology.  Wherein, Master printers are highly trained to reproduce exacting color using this common calibration system and then evaluated to receive this exclusive certification.  G7 calibration uses gray balance to achieve visual similarity across all print processes and substrates.  Hammer Packaging is one of only a limited number of packaging printers in the industry who have achieved the ColorSpace level of certification.  This certification is the most stringent in the series certifications because it requires our proofing and press technology to hold the tightest tolerances for color throughout the largest set of criteria.

How does this impact our customers?

This level of mastery brings three distinct benefits:

  1. Consistency
    - Color drives purchasing decisions and brand loyalty
    - Color has emotive attributes that impact a brand
    - Consistent color is associated with a trustworthy brand and conveys quality
  2. Efficiency
    - Predictable proof to press alignment
    - Fewer needs for on-site press checks, traveling, etc.
    - Higher consistency in reprints
    - Reduced waste and make ready time
    - This standard allows us to print across our portfolio of press technology with little color variation. This flexibility means we can plan the most efficient use of our presses to meet our customers' needs and budget.
  3. Communication
    - Clear expectations from our customers regarding acceptable work
    - Overall increase in consistency, efficiency, and savings

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