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5 Reasons Consumers Prefer Flexible Packaging


Why do your customers prefer flexible packaging over rigid? It's pretty simple. Check out these reasons to help decide if your product could get more attention in a flexible packaging.

Lou Iovoli Discusses Packaging Trends with AR Metallizing


Hammer's Lou Iovoli participated in a Thought Leadership series with our partners at AR Metallizing to discuss packaging trends during the pandemic and our ongoing new initiatives.

Updates in Sustainable Initiatives


Hammer's sustainability newsletter showcases some of our ongoing initiatives in sustainable packaging. Read the latest updates.

Hammer Eliminates Poly-Bags


By eliminating poly-bags from our secondary packaging, we have diverted approximately 4 tons of plastic from landfills.

Trends in Beverage Industry


Hammer Sr. VP Lou Iovoli interviews with Beverage Industry magazine about latest packaging trends.

A Sleeve with Built-In Security


Hammer Packaging has developed insertion technology to put EAS and RFID tags into shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.


Hammer and Hotshots Collaborate on Foam Solution


Hotshot Coffee, as seen on Shark Tank, is an innovative company founded by entrepreneur Danny Grossfeld, who is bringing consumers hot coffee in a can. The cans are heated in a patented HotBox, designed to keep the coffee at an even 140 degrees.

Video: Collating for Label Intrigue


We can build cut & stack print forms with varied messaging, characters, and graphics for a randomized shelf experience, but when each version is bundled in packs of 1,000, is the shelf experience really going to be "random"? 

Let’s Chill with HammerSHIELD


Insulating cold foods from the outside in with foam labels

Ink with a Function


How specialized ink can tell you when food has been safely processed
If you work in the food industry, the risk of contaminated food is a major concern. At Hammer Packaging, our role in High Pressure Processing (HPP) seeks to eliminate contaminated or spoiled food exposure before the product enters the marketplace.

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